Just a little bit about us...

Jambats is a small, slow fashion indie brand creating quality clothing and accessories to inspire everyone to value their uniqueness, whatever their jam. Inspired by subcultures with our own unique, hand illustrated fabric prints from cute pastel kawaii, kitschy retro and whimsical cottagecore to the darkest gothic and horror.

We’re based in the Midlands, in the county of Worcestershire (like the sauce) and with a background in textiles and fabric illustration, we design our clothing and hand illustrate our own prints in our studio. We also work closely with our textile mills, fabric printers and sewing factories to ensure that all of our textiles are produced to the very highest ethical standards. 

Today many of us are more conscious about how and where our clothes are made and we believe that brands should be transparent and accountable in their production. Although we’re a small brand, we've developed our production chain over 6 years with our sister textiles company so we're absolutely confident in our ethical practice. Our mills, printers and sewing factories in Karachi are audited regularly for working conditions and the employees are paid over a fair living wage. We also have a member of our team out there who is a leading expert in cotton and sustainability who oversees our full production, right from the fabric construction before milling to the sewing and finishing which is unusual for even bigger, well established brands, let alone a small indie brand like ourselves. We’ve had a no landfill pledge with our sister brand which we’ll continue with Jambats. This means that we only ever make small batches, we never over order and any samples or slight seconds will be discounted on our Depop page. All offcuts are donated to organisations who can recycle or reuse them.

We’re still a young company and have started small with just dungarees and pinafores as there seems to be a little gap in the market for alternative print dungas but our heads are fuzzy with exciting plans, new ranges of clothing and unique print ideas so we hope to grow and develop our little indie brand along the way but please bear with us cos we’re still teeny tiny right now. A huge thank you to everyone for the interest and support you’ve shown us so far, it’s been overwhelmingly lovely. 

Jambats xx